I have a ticket for an event that is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, which has been set up for multiple days and for a number of different events.

My ticket states that I am allowed to attend the event on Friday and Saturday but cannot attend on Sunday, and I can change the date and time at any time.

The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday and the ticket says I can purchase tickets for Saturday, Sunday, or any other day, and can change my date and times anytime between now and the event.

The ticket is being issued by the city of Columbus, Ohio.

How do I resolve this ticket issue?

I have contacted the city about the ticket issue and have received a response from the city.

What is the city’s response?

We understand your concerns and are working with you on a solution.

The city’s position is that the City of Columbus has jurisdiction over the issue and has agreed to change the tickets.

How can I request that the tickets be cancelled?

We encourage you to contact the city directly.

The Columbus Department of Tourism and Convention Services (CDS) can help you with this.

The following are resources for those of you with tickets for this event:1.

Columbus Public Safety 2.

Columbus Downtown Event Center 3.

Ticket Information for Columbus Public Events4.

Columbus Police 5.

Columbus City Hall 6.

Columbus Airport Columbus 7.

Columbus Convention Center Columbus 8.

Columbus State Office Building Columbus 9.

Columbus Metro Office Columbus 10.

Columbus Municipal Airport Columbus 11.

Columbus Civic Center Columbus 12.

Columbus University Columbus 13.

Columbus Union Station Columbus 14.

Columbus Fire Station Columbus 15.

Columbus Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) Columbus 16.

Columbus Health Sciences Center Columbus 17.

The City of Toledo The Ohio Department of Transportation and Environment (ODTE) has provided us with a response that addresses our ticket issue.

Please see their response below.

The Ohio DOT has issued this statement to clarify that ticket issues are not handled by the Columbus DOT.

The problem is the City and the Mayor of Columbus.

As such, ticket issues will be handled by ODTE and the City, and the public will not have to contact any City agency to resolve their ticket issue.(Read more)  The City has a responsibility to resolve any ticket issues for its events, including those related to safety and security, according to ODTE.

ODTE also provides a number on how to report a ticket issue to the City:  Ticket Dispute Resolution Services: 877-734-6237 (TDDT) or  800-838-4222 (TTY).

 If you have a valid ticket issued by Columbus, please contact ODTE to find out if you can schedule an appointment to resolve your ticket issue or have it cancelled.

 The city of Toledo has a ticket system that you can use to submit your ticket issues.

You can use this system by following the directions below:1) Visit the ticket website and follow the instructions to submit a ticket request.

2) Provide the City with the following information: The ticket(s) issued or received on your behalf, including the date, time and location of the event, the date of the date(s), the name(s)-name(s).3) Provide a valid e-mail address that is verified by the City. 

The City of Cincinnati is responsible for resolving ticket issues and tickets, including issuing tickets, according the city website.

For information about tickets for Cincinnati events, visit the  Cincinnati Police Department  website.

The Cincinnati Police provide information on ticketing at the Police Department of Cincinnati.

If you have questions about your ticket or the ability to renew your ticket, contact the police department.

If your ticket is valid, you can renew it. 

If your ticket has expired, you will need to reapply. 

For more information on how tickets are issued, visit the U.S. Department of Education.

If tickets are being cancelled or cancelled with incorrect information, contact ODSE to resolve the issue. 

You can use the Columbus Dispatch to receive information about the issues you are experiencing.

To find the number of your nearest Ohio Department or other agency, visit: Columbaus Dispatch.

You may also call 311.

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