How to avoid ticketing hassle at festivals and other events in 2018

It’s a familiar problem for ticket sellers at festivals, where they can’t guarantee the availability of a certain product or a particular date or venue.

For example, in 2017, the British music festival Big Day Out cancelled the sale of a ticket to the sold out Australian music festival Bizarre Festival after some tickets had been refused.

The issue was later rectified and ticket holders could still buy a ticket.

The same problem is currently plaguing ticket-selling at festivals in Japan, where the Japanese government recently announced a crackdown on scalping.

“I don’t want to buy tickets,” a ticket seller at a Japan-based festival told the BBC in January, adding that scalpers were “a serious problem”.

“This is a serious problem,” the festival’s manager told the Japanese broadcaster.

“There are a lot of scalpers there, and people have to be careful of where they sit, and how they sit down.”

Japan’s anti-scalping legislation In Japan, ticket scalpers can be prosecuted for criminal offences, although the government has not specified the exact amount of money they can be fined for.

In a statement, the ministry of economy, trade and industry said that it is concerned about scalping at festivals because “people are taking advantage of the festival environment by purchasing tickets from scalpers”.

“The ministry is investigating the matter and will take action against scalpers,” it said.

It added that the ministry is working with police and other law enforcement agencies to crack down on scalpers.

The crackdown on ticket scalping in Japan follows similar efforts to combat scalping elsewhere in Asia, which has seen the US and UK take steps to curb the practice.

In March, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city will begin banning ticket scalps and that scalping and fraud would be criminalized under new legislation.

The New York Police Department announced on Sunday that it would investigate any suspected cases of scalping or other illegal activities at a variety of venues across the city.

On the US side, President Donald Trump has been pushing a ban on online ticket sales, arguing that scalps are becoming a bigger problem than ever.

Ticket scalpers are a problem in Japan too, and the government is currently working on a bill that would require ticket sellers to keep ticket sales up to date.

“It’s a difficult problem for us,” said Masayuki Morikawa, the head of ticket sales for Japanese company Kinema International, which operates some 400 festivals in Tokyo, Osaka, and other Japanese cities.

“If we want to keep up with ticket demand, we have to have good quality products.

This is the most critical issue we face as a company.”

A similar approach is taking place in China, where ticket sales have been slow to recover from the financial crisis and the introduction of China’s anti forgery law.

Ticket sales are expected to pick up in the coming year, but ticket prices have not risen in years.

“A lot of companies are taking the opportunity to sell tickets as cheaply as possible to keep the festival season going,” said Yoshihiko Kudo, the chairman of ticket-shopping website Soma, who said that ticket sales at the Tokyo festival of Tokyo 2020, which took place in March, fell below 10,000 tickets sold in the first five days of the event.

“The biggest ticket seller [for 2019] is a small company that operates on a small budget, and it’s not profitable.

That’s the main reason for the drop in sales.”

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