How to get tickets for the Bills vs. Texans game at the Alamodome

A lot of the details surrounding the ticket issue have been left in the dust.

A new ticket system is supposed to be in place by this weekend, but fans have been waiting for weeks for a fix.

It appears we’ll finally have one.

A fan in the U.S.A. who purchased a ticket for Saturday’s game said he received a text message from his agent Monday saying that a “significant number” of tickets were being sold out.

He called the ticket sales “fraudulent.”

A person with knowledge of the situation told The Buffalo News that a total of 5,000 tickets were available at a single point, and that some fans had been waiting weeks for tickets.

They said tickets were sold out at the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, which is located on the first level of the Alamodeo Convention Center, the venue where the game is being played.

The tickets, which include two seats and a blanket, cost $1,400 and are available for purchase through Ticketmaster.

There is no way to buy them on the secondary market.

Tickets are only available on the day of the game.

According to the source, there are a number of problems with the system that have been frustrating the fans.

The tickets have not been issued by Ticketmaster and are not available online.

Ticketmaster’s ticketing department has been trying to contact the person who sold the tickets to confirm that they are legitimate.

There are also multiple problems with tickets that were issued in the Buffalo area.

TicketMaster says it received a tip that an individual sold a ticket in the area.

The person is no longer with the company.

In fact, he has left the company, the source told the News.

The source said the ticket was sold at a restaurant that is located at the bottom of the escalator.

A ticket agent for the Buffalo Bills told The News on Tuesday that a new system has been put in place to handle tickets, and said the team has contacted the person responsible.

“We have contacted that individual and will have an official statement on Monday, as well,” the agent said.

The agent also said that tickets are available through TicketMaster, but that the company was not immediately able to provide them.

A source told The Associated Press that Ticketmaster has been notified that they have tickets for Saturday, but have not yet been issued.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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