Google is making it easier for users to get access to a large collection of work-related files stored on its Drive cloud storage service.

The move is a first for Google.

It said it will now make it easier to use the service for anyone who has access to its Drive file-sharing app and services.

Google Drive, which is part of Google Inc., allows users to access their files on Google’s servers to access them in a variety of ways, including in-browser, through Google Drive’s web interface, and from a mobile device, according to the company.

In addition to working as a platform for work-based storage, Google Drive also provides access to documents, photos, and music that users upload to the service.

Users will be able to add files to Google Drive, or view a list of available files and albums, from the Google Drive app or on their phones and tablets.

Users can also add files from their desktop or laptop computers, although Google Drive does not allow access to files on mobile devices.

Users who have Google Drive will also be able use a new Google Drive Work feature that will let them access files on the service in a number of ways.

Users will be asked whether they would like to add a new file to Google’s file-share service, and if so, how many of them would like it.

Users who don’t want to add more files will be directed to the “View all available files” section of the service, where they can browse to and view any available files on their drive.

Users can also choose to view a file from a separate location, and Google said it plans to add this capability to the cloud service in the future.

Google has been rolling out Work on the Drive service to developers in recent months, and it has been rolled out for several other services including its email service Gmail.

Users also can add files and folders to Google drive through the Google Cloud Print service, a new way to create and manage PDF files that can then be shared to the web.

Google said that in-app file sharing will be available in all of its Drive services in the coming months.

The company has long been pushing its File Transfer service as an alternative to the popular Dropbox service, which offers file sharing through Google Docs and Drive.

Dropbox is owned by Amazon.

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