Ticket Exchange has launched its new secondary ticketing service, allowing consumers to buy tickets from secondary ticket agents and resell them on their own for a flat fee of $25.

The company announced on Tuesday that it is expanding its service, which is now available in five states, and is launching it in New York City on March 8.

The company also has expanded its secondary ticket reselling program in Los Angeles on March 12.

Ticket Exchange is also rolling out its new Secondary Ticket Pricing program, which will be available in Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Seattle on March 18.

The service allows consumers to set up a secondary ticket agent and sell tickets for a fee of a flat $25 each.

The secondary ticket price will be the same as the retail price, which means that consumers who purchase tickets on their secondary ticket exchange will only be charged the price for the tickets they buy on their exchange.

The service is also designed to help consumers find a secondary agent who will accept their purchase and sell them tickets for the same fee as they would on their retail ticket marketplace.

While consumers can now buy tickets directly from secondary resellers on Ticket Exchange, the company is also expanding the service’s secondary ticket sales capabilities.

Consumers will be able to buy, sell, and exchange tickets from any secondary ticket seller that they choose on the secondary ticket marketplace, the service says.

The marketplace includes multiple secondary ticket providers, including Ticket Exchange and StubHub.

“The secondary ticket market has grown in size over the past year and now provides consumers with access to over 25 million tickets to choose from.

It’s critical that consumers have access to a secondary marketplace that allows them to buy and sell their tickets on an equal playing field,” said John Deutsch, President and CEO of Ticket Exchange.

“We’re excited to expand our secondary ticket platform in the coming months and are committed to serving the marketplace in all 50 states, as well as partnering with major retailers, to deliver tickets at a competitive price.”

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