How to find out if you’re overpaid or underpaid for a booking at ctrip

When you travel, booking is a fundamental part of the journey.

Whether you book through ctrip, book a business class or business class cabin on a public transport system, booking a cab, a train or a plane is crucial to making the journey as convenient and comfortable as possible.

But ctrip has recently come under fire for not providing a booking history to help passengers know how much they’re spending and what their rates are.

How do you check if you are overpaid and underpaid?

As well as the booking history, we also have a number of other options when it comes to finding out how much you’re paying for a trip.

We have a simple way to see if we’re overpaying or underpaying: If we’re booking through cripetickets, we’ll show you our latest prices for each booking, and also the average booking price per person per day.

We also show you the average price per booking per day, including the booking price on each individual ticket, per person and per day to see how it compares to the cost of a similar ticket in the same area.

If you’re booking a business-class ticket, we show you all the prices, including a breakdown of how much each booking price includes per person.

This also includes a breakdown per person for the average fare for the trip.

If you’re looking at the average prices per person across all the trips on a single day, you can see how the price of each ticket compares to others around you.

If we have a different fare, you’ll see how much the price is higher or lower on that trip.

You can also see the price for a specific day on that particular trip.

There are a number more options to compare across different trips, such as the average fares for each trip for each hotel, and the cheapest fares for a particular hotel.

What we do with your booking information We collect your booking details, which includes your booking code, the city you’re staying in, and your contact details.

We then process your booking to create your booking history.

You can see all your booking statistics in one place, including how much money you’ve spent, the average per person fare, and more.

We use this information to keep track of what we’re offering and what our customers are buying, and to keep you informed of new arrivals and other changes to our booking system.

The last thing we want to do is to give you an inaccurate price for your trip.

Our aim is to provide accurate information and to ensure we’re providing the best possible service.

This includes making sure we’re not overcharging you for a ticket that isn’t available, or giving you an incorrect price when you want to book.

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