Posted October 27, 2018 07:01:22 An airline ticket issued to a passenger in Quebec last year could be the only ticket in the world that is likely to be valid for a flight back to Toronto, a new study has found.

In a paper published in the journal Aviation Safety, researchers at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management found that the flight-tracking app FlightAware and the data it collected from the airline’s flight tracking system are enough to find any passenger travelling on a flight between Toronto and Quebec, with the exception of a passenger who is in a certain group of countries, such as the United Arab Emirates.

The study, which was published online Monday in the Journal of Transport and Environment, also showed that, despite the ticket being issued in the United States, it can be valid in the country of origin, with a passenger travelling from one country to another on a valid ticket issued by the same airline, or from one state to another.

“This paper is really important because it gives us a solid indication of the probability that this particular ticket will be valid as an individual ticket,” said researcher David Stacey.

“And it gives an indication of how we might have to re-evaluate how to handle this situation.”

The researchers, who did not have access to the actual ticket, were looking for evidence of a rare occurrence.

Since 2011, when the first airline ticket was issued, at least six separate instances of a ticket being invalid have been reported, the study said.

The most recent instance occurred on February 6, 2017, when a passenger flying from London, England, to Montreal, Canada, received a ticket issued in Toronto.

The flight landed in Montreal but the flight was delayed, and the passenger was unable to board the plane, and was unable, in the meantime, to make a claim on the ticket.

Stacey said the airline did not initially confirm that the ticket was valid, and then they later did.

“The airline did tell us that it was the ticket that was issued to them in the U.K., and they did have a record of it on the system,” he said.

“That record indicated that the tickets were valid in their country of residence, and that it would be issued in Canada.”

Stacey’s team had been looking for such a rare case for years, but they discovered that there were four other cases.

One of them occurred on May 6, 2016, when an aircraft that was carrying four crew members landed in Paris, France, but the aircraft was not in flight, and a pilot was not on board.

A second occurrence occurred on January 20, 2017.

An Airbus A380 landed in Frankfurt, Germany, but no crew members were onboard, and no claim was made for the ticket, according to the report.

The third occurred on July 21, 2017 when a flight from Paris to London landed in Toronto, but there was no crew on board, and there was not a ticket for the flight, according the report, which did not provide a date for the incident.

The fourth and final occurrence occurred in January 2018.

That flight landed at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, but two crew members on board were unable to disembark, and neither the pilot nor the captain had claimed the ticket for that flight, Stacey noted.

The last two instances, he said, are the rarest, because of the nature of the situation and the location of the airport.

“There are only a handful of tickets that can be issued from Canada to a country in Europe or Africa or Latin America,” Stacey told CBC News.

The study was done using data collected by FlightAward, a free flight tracking service that uses satellite imagery to provide a global view of flight paths around the world. “

It’s also important to remember that this is an issue that’s only limited to one airport in the entire world.”

The study was done using data collected by FlightAward, a free flight tracking service that uses satellite imagery to provide a global view of flight paths around the world.

“We are interested in knowing if there are other tickets that might be out there,” Stacy said.

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