On Sunday, the United States Transportation Security Administration announced a major ticket reissue program aimed at preventing travelers from getting caught up in the travel2Be scandal.

The program will be administered by the TSA and involve reissuing tickets for passengers who have been involuntarily detained and placed on the Transportation Security Screening Authority’s (TSSA) “flight itinerary” as a result of the incident at Los Angeles International Airport.

The TSA says the tickets will be issued in “early November.”

The TSA is not the only government agency trying to prevent the crisis.

On Monday, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced it will not be issuing any more tickets for flights to or from Los Angeles that could have been involved in the incident.

“The safety of our people is our top priority and we will not issue tickets for any flights in Los Angeles,” FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said in a statement.

The agency has also announced it is reissencing all tickets issued for flights in and out of Los Angeles to passengers who were involuntarily released from detention or sent to an airport for removal. 

The United States is one of the world’s largest airlines, and its flights to and from many countries take off and land at LAX.

The airline is also the largest source of revenue for Los Angeles County.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the incident “has cost the county tens of millions of dollars in hotel stays, car repairs, lost business, and lost revenue for other industries that rely on air travel.” 

In addition to reissues of the ticket to the people who were detained, the TSA is also reississuing travel tickets to passengers in the Los Angeles area who were unable to board a flight to the United Kingdom due to the ongoing travel crisis.

The FAA says that “tickets issued for all flights departing from Los Angelenos International Airport between November 2, 2018, and November 3, 2018” will not require a reissuance.

The United Kingdom was the first country to cancel its flights from Los Angles International Airport following the incident, according to the Los Angle Times. 

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell told the Los Angelle Times that “I think we’ve seen a significant uptick in tickets for travelers to the U and B airports in the last few days.” 

“We’ve seen tickets issued from all over the country to people who have made a mistake,” McDonnell said.

“It’s a disaster.

It’s not just an inconvenience to the citizens of Los Angeles.” 

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department told CNN that it is “very concerned” that the tickets could be reissued to passengers caught up on the travel issue. 

“There are many questions that remain unanswered,” the sheriff said.

The sheriff added that he has not been able to contact any of the passengers who might have been impacted by the reissued tickets. 

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