Masters tickets issue: ‘Theres no way in hell I’m going to get into’

The Masters is set to return to London next week with a bang as it will host its 10th British Open.

But while the event is one of the best in the world, ticket holders are not happy about a range of issues affecting tickets.

In a report on the Masters website, the Guardian newspaper said ticket issues were a “growing problem for some fans, with some complaints over the weekend of the first-round draw and on Monday morning the first round draw itself”.

“There are several tickets that have not been issued, one was sent to us by a friend and the other was returned by the promoter,” the ticket-selling website added.

Some of the issues have come from people selling tickets to others at a discounted rate.”

It is also known that tickets were sent to fans in the wrong venue for the first two days of the tournament.”

Some of the issues have come from people selling tickets to others at a discounted rate.

In addition to the issues with tickets, the newspaper said some fans were unable to access the website and the app for a reason.

“We’ve heard some fans complaining about tickets not working and the inability to use the app, particularly in the first days of matches.”

One fan told us that they could not even enter the venue until their tickets were paid,” the newspaper reported.

Tickets for the 10th Masters, which is being played in St Andrews on Sunday, were available for purchase on the website until Tuesday, but tickets were not distributed to customers until Wednesday.

A number of the UK’s top golfers have expressed their frustration with the problems on social media.

Former UK Open champion Rory McIlroy tweeted: “Not enough tickets, but what the fuck about the Masters?

What about the fans?

The people who paid for their tickets?

It’s a fucking shame that tickets are so shit right now.

“Another British Open player, Jason Day, tweeted: “#IbrahimKhalil and his crew are the biggest disappointment of the #Masters in the last 10 years, especially in the middle of the tour.

I hope they retire.

#britishopen”One of the biggest disappointments in the Masters history was the fact that so many fans were priced out of the game and the lack of tickets.

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