Hot ticket issue: Some tour companies have stopped issuing tickets.

A few are offering discounts.

But others, like the Canadian-based tour company Star Tours, is asking guests to buy a ticket and then return it to their hotel for the cost of a refund.

The company says it is asking hotels to make the refund available to hotel guests.

It has asked hotels to charge a refund to the company instead of to guests.

Hot ticket issues: Canadian tour company Ticketmaster, which runs more than 30,000 ticketing sites worldwide, says it will no longer issue refunds for any of the $5 million or more tickets it sells for the 2019-20 world tour.

The Canadian company says ticket resellers who are reselling tickets to hotels for their hotels have been asking them to sell the tickets to hotel customers and then resell the tickets online, which the company says is illegal.

But hotel and tour operators say that’s not how it works.

The hotel industry says hotels are responsible for refunding guests who have paid for tickets online.

The tour industry says resellers are only selling tickets.

Ticketmaster said in a statement it will not sell or distribute tickets for any other reason, including to hotels, unless they are being sold by resellers.

A Canadian tour operator says it’s not responsible for resellers selling tickets online for hotels.

And Canadian tour companies say they’re not reselling the tickets for their own hotels, but for other venues that they are working with.

The tours companies say the hotels have no control over what the resellers do with their tickets.

Tickets are sold for use by guests and not for resale, they say.

Tickets sold for resales are not the same as tickets sold for guests, they add.

Ticket companies have also said they’re looking into reselling seats for future world tours, but that the companies have no plans to do so.

What are the other options?

Ticket resellers say they will sell tickets for resalable use by hotels, restaurants and other venues, including for hotels or the world’s largest festivals.

Ticket reselling is illegal under Canadian law, but the companies say that the legal definition of reselling varies depending on the tour company and the type of event.

Ticketing sites that sell tickets to venues for resals have a wide range of business models, from offering discounts on tickets to reselling them online.

There are also resellers, including in-person ticket brokers and online ticket brokers.

In the United States, the American Tourist Association has called for the cancellation of online resellers because they violate federal law and are potentially subject to enforcement actions.

But the association says online reselling sites do not have to abide by federal law because they have a business model that does not require customers to pay a fee.

There’s also a difference in the types of online ticket reselling companies in Canada and the United Kingdom.

In Canada, some ticket reseller sites offer a “pay to play” option where guests pay for tickets and resell them at a lower price.

The ticket resellers then charge their own fees for the resale.

The U.K. is much more relaxed.

Some ticket reseilers are allowed to charge for resets, but only for those resets that are part of a specific tour, such as the 2019 WorldTour.

Ticket reels, which are often used by tour operators to sell tickets, can be used for any resale on any tour.

And there are several online reseller companies in both the United and the U.S., a ticket resale website, said in an e-mail that it has never received a ticket reselled by any of its customers, including those who were resellers on the Canadian tour.

It also said it has not received any ticket resealed by its Canadian clients.

What if I’m booking my tickets online?

If you are planning to attend a certain event, such a WorldTour, a Canadian festival, a major sporting event or other event, you might want to book tickets for that online., which charges a $99 fee, says its site is the easiest and most secure way to buy tickets.

It allows you to create a profile and create a free account, and you can choose from many different payment methods.

TicketFly says it works with most online ticket sites including Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster Plus. also offers a free option.

You can then buy your tickets on Ticketfly, which says it has a 99.9 per cent refund guarantee. says its free option is the best option for ticket resales.

But there’s a catch: if you have not yet registered for a ticket, you cannot buy tickets until you do.

And you cannot sell tickets until the resales expire.

If you need to cancel your reservations and resale them online, the reseller can still charge you

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