When Trump won, we’re all left with questions: How do we fix it?

The U.S. economy has been on the rebound for the past two months.

A number of factors contributed to the recent gains.

The economy is booming again.

And there are signs that the Trump administration has begun to reverse some of the most damaging effects of the recession.

But a new study published in the Journal of Political Economy suggests that Trump’s recovery is just the beginning.

It finds that if the economy continues to improve, it could add to the national debt.

Trump, of course, has already said that he thinks the economy will recover, and he recently said the economy could hit 9% growth in a year.

But the study argues that it’s not necessarily that simple.

The report finds that the economic recovery would only last for a year or so, not as long as it took for the economy to recover from the recession in the first place.

The study finds that Trump would need to maintain strong growth to generate the revenue needed to pay for all of the programs that were put in place after the recession began, such as unemployment insurance, health care, and the federal debt limit.

The study also notes that the U.N. has said that, at best, Trump’s proposal of an 8% rate of growth over the next five years would leave the U,S.

with about $100 billion more in debt than it had at the end of 2015.

So if Trump were to raise taxes, the debt would still have to be paid by the time that money would be available.

But that would be too little too late.

And it would likely be even more problematic if the revenue shortfall in the next two years would make the deficit even larger.

The U.K. has its own version of this problem.

The country’s government is in debt, and it has to make up the difference through taxes and other means.

But Trump’s plan to pay off the debt through tax increases is not only unrealistic, it would also be politically unpopular.

He could also have a major impact on the U

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