How to find out if a ticket issued to you is valid for a specific crime, and get it issued without any questions asked. 

To do this, you can use a tool called Ticketsmart.

Ticketsmart works by scanning your smartphone and asking you questions about the crime you’re about to commit, like, “Is there alcohol involved?” or “What kind of car is this?” 

The app will then give you a ticket that shows up on your phone as a text message that reads “Ticketsmart, this is an error, your tickets have been issued and your account is no longer valid.”

You can then go back to your account and start the process over.

When you’re done, the app will automatically scan the ticket for the crime, give you the correct ticket number, and then send it to you.

This process is so easy that it can even save you time.

Here’s how to use Ticketsmart to find a ticket issue for a certain crime.

Here are some things you should know about Ticketsmart: 1.

Ticket machines are not connected to your smartphone.


Tickets are only issued to customers who have your phone number in their phone.


Tickets cannot be changed.


Tickets expire after 90 days.


Tickets can be cancelled by phone.

(You can cancel anytime, but if you’re issued a ticket by phone, you’ll be able to call the ticket vending machine and cancel it, too.)


Tickets will only show up for one crime at a time.

(This means that if you have two tickets issued for a murder, you will not see them on your screen until you have one ticket for each crime.

You’ll also be able’t see a ticket until you pay.)


Tickets won’t show up if the crime is committed in another state.


Tickets don’t expire.

(They will be available to buy for an additional price for up to 90 days.)


Tickets only show if the ticket is issued within the last 60 days.

(So, if you got your ticket from the ticket machine, and it expired after the 60-day period, you won’t see it.)


Tickets have no expiration date.

(In fact, you might have one if you get a new ticket, and you pay it off within the first 90 days after receiving it.)


Ticket vending machines are designed to only accept one ticket per person.

(If you get two tickets, one for each of your crimes, you’re only allowed to buy one ticket.)


Tickets sell for $1, but tickets expire after 30 days.

The only way to get your ticket back is to pay $1.99.


Tickets need to be in the same location for the day the ticket was issued.

(Tickets that are issued outside of a specific city or state will not work.)


Tickets cost $1 for adults, $1 per child, and $0.50 for students.


Tickets come with a printout of the ticket.

(See our list of the most common ticket types for more info.)


Tickets work on phones.

(No, you need to buy a ticket to use this service.)


You can also call the vending machine to cancel the ticket without paying.


You will have to provide your name and phone number to be issued the correct tickets.


You do not have to be a Ticketmart customer to get the ticket issue.

(The company will accept a credit card if you’ve purchased tickets with a credit or debit card.)


You must have a valid phone number and email address to cancel.

(It’s possible to cancel an order online, but that is only for one ticket at a given time.)


You may have to wait up to one hour to receive the ticket if you buy tickets with the ticket dispensing machine.

(A ticket can only be canceled once per order.)


If you get your tickets through Ticketmart, you are not charged any fees.


Tickets sold through Ticketstamp do not expire.

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