Airport ticket issuing issue: How to get your ticket on the airline website

AUSTRALIA’S airport ticket issuing agency has been embroiled in a controversy over tickets for people with medical conditions.

Airlines are required to issue tickets for medical conditions such as heart failure and cancer to people who meet certain criteria.

The issue has sparked a debate over whether it is the right way to handle this sensitive and sensitive issue.

Key points:Airline ticket issue: Why can’t people with heart failure or cancer use airport tickets?

Medical problems can’t be used for travel.

The airport ticket issue has been brought to the attention of the Federal Government by former Australian Transport Safety Bureau director and former airline employee, Andrew Leighton, who has written a book about it.

Mr Leighton says he has been “bitterly disappointed” by how airport ticket issues are handled.

“I’ve written a couple of books about the issue, and the one I’ve written is that I was disappointed, and angry,” Mr Leighton said.

“It’s a bit like having a toddler in a car seat.”

You can’t take that child out of the car seat, and you can’t put it in the car, and they’re both still strapped in, and it’s a very delicate thing to do, and then you have a kid in the back seat, but you’re just not going to let them get out of there.

“He said people could not use airport ticketing for any medical reasons, so it is an issue of fairness and transparency.

Mr James said it was the responsibility of airports to ensure people with health conditions were not excluded from their flights.”

If there’s a situation where they’re being excluded from the travel because of that, it’s because of their medical condition.””

They happen to people with certain medical conditions, and unfortunately we have to work very hard to get those people through.”

If there’s a situation where they’re being excluded from the travel because of that, it’s because of their medical condition.

“What do you think?

Are people with allergies or medical conditions allowed to use airport travel?

Let us know your thoughts on the issue by emailing [email protected] or tweeting us @BBC_Haveyoursays.

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