When it comes to ticket scalpers, Ohio ticket issue: Trump tweets

AUSTIN — The Trump administration is calling on the federal government to take more aggressive action to protect the public from ticket scalping after President Donald Trump was criticized for tweeting that people who bought tickets for his presidential inauguration were “scalpers.”

Trump tweeted that people buying tickets for the inauguration were scalpers and accused ticket buyers of “scamming” the government out of millions of dollars.

The president was responding to a New York Times report that alleged ticket buyers were paying inflated prices for the events, which Trump said were the largest ever seen in the country.

Trump said “the people that are scammed by scalpers are the same people that made the bad deals for Hillary Clinton,” according to a copy of the tweet obtained by The Hill.

The tweet came amid mounting criticism of ticket scalper practices at his inauguration and during his presidency.

“Scalpers are scammers.

They are people who take advantage of people’s ignorance and lack of experience to steal from them,” Trump said.

“This is a very serious problem that is getting much worse.

It’s a real problem.”

Trump’s remarks come as the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Office of Thrift Supervision have stepped up efforts to crack down on the practice.

A new report released Tuesday by the Treasury Department found that more than 40,000 individuals, including people who purchased tickets for President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration, were in default on their debt or had outstanding debts, and nearly $2 billion was owed to the government.

The report found that nearly 2 million people owed more than $500,000 in outstanding student loans.

The Department of Justice has also launched an investigation into how the ticket sales practices of the scalpers were handled at the inauguration.

“The Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protect Bureau have opened investigations into these alleged scams and the individuals and companies responsible,” a Treasury Department statement said.

The Trump administration has made some changes to its policies and procedures related to ticket sales, such as expanding the definition of a “scrambler” and increasing the maximum amount of time that the bureau can take to investigate the claims of fraud.

Trump has also asked the government to expand the scope of the investigation into scalpers.

The Justice Department’s Office of Civil Rights is also working with the Treasury department to crack the case.

The Federal Reserve has also stepped up its efforts to stop ticket scalpering.

The central bank is investigating whether the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia was providing improper incentives for ticket buyers to sell tickets, the New York Fed’s vice president for currency trading, Paul Klee, said in a statement Tuesday.

“While we are aware of the recent reports and are working to determine the facts, the Fed has been closely following this matter,” he said.

Klee said the U.S. Federal Reserve’s actions to tighten its monetary policy and raise interest rates are “a response to the escalating scalping issue.”

“It is a reflection of our commitment to ensure the integrity of the financial markets and that people can obtain the best possible tickets to events and events at all times,” Klee said.

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