What we know about the airline ticket issue and how to get a refund

Airlines are scrambling to fix the ticketing issue with some airlines.

Some airlines are offering free re-issuance of airline tickets, and some are offering re-issue tickets.

But as of this morning, tickets from some airlines that were already issued have not yet been reissued, and it appears there is a gap in the ticket pool between those who were issued and those who aren’t.

Here are some of the airlines with tickets in the queue, according to their website:Delta: Free re-issued tickets, or the same ticket as when you bought it.

American: No re-issues.

Delta: No refund or refund options, but Delta says that customers who want to exchange their tickets for the new one will have to pay the difference between the new ticket and the old ticket.

United: Reissue the ticket and pay the full difference.

Delta, United and American Airlines all issued new flights to customers who had already purchased tickets on the old airline, but that hasn’t helped.

Delta says it will offer a refund for any re-ticketed tickets.

Delta is also offering the same re-sale price for all new tickets, but the airline has not offered a similar offer to customers with re-sales or reissued tickets.

United says that people who have re-sold tickets on Delta can still receive a full refund, but it will only be applied toward the difference from the old seat that they bought.

United Airlines says it is working with ticket brokers to issue re-exchange tickets for those who re-sell tickets on other airlines, but they will not be able to refund customers for the difference.

United has a similar service, but only applies to re-selling tickets on American, Delta and United.

Delta said that if a customer re-orders a ticket on Delta or American, it will get an extra ticket on the same airline.

United is offering a limited re-assignment service for customers who resell tickets at Delta, American or United, but no re-booking fee will apply.

United says that if someone has purchased tickets from any of these airlines on their own, they will be able return them to the same carrier.

American and Delta said that re-bundling re-purchases from other airlines would not affect the refunding process, but those who have bought re-priced tickets on their previous airlines may need to rebook with them.

American said that customers should expect to see an increase in re-releases over the coming weeks, and that it was working with rebooking service providers to ensure that reissued fares would not be affected.

United said it would reissue reissued seats if there was an increase of re-pricing, but did not offer an explanation.

American says it would not offer refunds, but if there is an increase to reissuances, it would offer to reimburse customers for re-released seats.

Delta and United both said they were working to resolve the issue with reissued customers.

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