The next time you have to go to a concert and get a ticket, don’t forget to keep your seatbelt on and your wristband on, because the tickets will probably be issued on the spot.

But a study published Wednesday by the National Conference of State Legislatures found that ticket sales are not as easy as you think, especially for people of color, women, the homeless, and students.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Statistical Association, analyzed the records of 1,959 state legislators from 2000 to 2013, using information on the number of tickets issued and the number and type of tickets purchased.

The data showed that of the 1,894 tickets issued, the most common types of tickets are single-ticket issues.

Single-ticket issue tickets are issued when a ticket is issued with the same amount of tickets.

The tickets with the most tickets were issued to women, those under age 25, and those with a disability.

In some states, the study found, there were nearly as many single-issue tickets as single-point issue tickets.

In others, there was less than one.

The data showed women and the disabled were disproportionately affected by ticket shortages.

In New York, women were nearly twice as likely as their male counterparts to be denied tickets.

People of color and those who were the elderly were nearly four times as likely to be turned away.

And in some states women were more likely to receive a ticket than men were.

In Mississippi, women received more tickets than men, and in Ohio, women had a four-to-one odds of getting a ticket.

The disparity was even more pronounced in states where the majority of tickets were single- ticket issues.

The report found that in Texas, the majority are single ticket issues in the state.

A similar disparity was seen in Alabama, where women were four times more likely than men to be refused tickets, while those who are disabled were three times more common.

In Illinois, where the overwhelming majority of single-day tickets are Single-Point Issue tickets, people of all races were more than four times less likely to get a single-line ticket than those who don’t have disabilities.

“When we think about it, when people are denied tickets because they are poor, they’re not getting tickets because of race or color, but because of disability,” said the study’s lead author, Jennifer L. Jones, an assistant professor of statistics at Ohio State University.

Jones said that ticket issues have become a huge problem in cities, with one-third of the cities nationwide experiencing an issue, even though the numbers are small.

“We have a large population of people who are unable to afford a ticket to go,” Jones said.

“And in a lot of these cities, there are people that are getting tickets that have not paid for them.”

Jones said the report is not meant to be an indictment of concertgoers, but to highlight how difficult it is to get tickets.

Tickets are issued by state and local governments, and tickets are sometimes sent to retailers.

If a ticket isn’t issued in time, tickets are refunded, and if the ticket was issued on a single ticket issue, there is a $100 fee that must be paid before tickets can be reissued.

Jones and her colleagues found that there was little difference in ticket availability between the states that have the most Single-point Issue tickets and the states with the fewest.

The states with fewer Single-points had the fewst tickets, but the states where tickets were more readily available had the most ticket availability, the authors found.

Tickets issued for single tickets are more often issued to students than adults, and more often are issued to people who have a disability than those with no disabilities.

The researchers found that the majority, or at least half, of Single-POE tickets were assigned to students.

However, they also found that students are disproportionately affected.

In states with more Single-poE tickets, students were nearly three times as often denied tickets as adults.

In other states, students had the least availability of Single POE tickets.

In one example, students in Illinois were more often denied than adults in the same state.

In Florida, students who are under age 26 are more likely as adults to be told that they cannot attend a concert than students who aren’t students.

“I think it’s really important for people to understand that it’s not just ticket prices,” Jones told

“It’s about what is being advertised and what people are expecting, and people are looking for these tickets.”

In the states in which tickets were the most available, students’ availability rates were higher than adults’, and those in the states most likely to have a single issue were less likely than others to be able to get the tickets.

Jones told Fox News that the problem is getting tickets, not tickets that are not sold, and she hopes people will understand the importance of getting tickets to attend shows

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