What’s next for @JamaalWilkins? NFL draft picks have to show up to team’s mandatory workouts

JAMAL WILKINS: I had to work my way up the depth chart.

It was hard.

It’s hard to find guys who have the skill set to compete with me.

It took me a while to get where I was.

You never know when you’re going to get drafted.

But, if you’re lucky, you might get drafted by a team that makes a run at you, so it was good.

It gave me confidence that I could get a chance.

I felt like I was the best option.

I just kept grinding and working.

You know, it was just a good feeling to have the opportunity to play.

At this point, you don’t want to miss out on something like this.

It is a long road to get here.

I feel like I’m getting closer.

But it was tough, too, coming into the league.

I’m coming off a broken leg.

I didn’t feel good coming into camp.

It wasn’t the easiest year.

I think I was fortunate.

I had the opportunity, but it was hard and I wasn’t able to play as much.

It really helped me get into shape for camp and hopefully, I’ll be ready for training camp.

I still need to work on my blocking and getting better.

You can see I have some things I need to do.

I’ll just have to continue working on that and hopefully get better every day.

What was your experience with the Texans?

Did they call you?

It was great.

I met a lot of great guys.

They were great guys to work with.

I love them all.

I really respect them.

I always have.

It helped me with my foot injuries and how I got hurt.

But I got through it and worked my way back.

That’s what you have to do when you get injured.

You have to keep going.

And I’m just thankful that I was able to do that.

I learned a lot about myself and about the game.

I knew I was good enough for the NFL.

I know that I can play and I know I can be successful.

But my biggest thing is that I just want to keep working and I think that’s where I’m going to be able to help the team in the long run.

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