A proposed merger between Twitter and the social media giant is currently in the process of being put through regulatory approval.

The proposal was approved by a board of directors meeting earlier this month in New York, according to a Reuters report.

Twitter’s board was told that the deal was in the best interests of both companies and that Twitter had “all the legal and regulatory safeguards to ensure the safety and security of its users”.

However, a statement released by Twitter on Thursday said it had not been made aware of any information that indicated it would be merged into another company.

“Twitter has been working closely with our board to address any potential regulatory issues and we remain committed to making sure the world’s most popular social network remains as one of the most trusted and reliable in the world,” the statement read.

“The board has approved the transaction to bring the two companies together under one roof.

This transaction will provide both companies with the opportunity to deliver significant value to their users, which will help them grow and thrive.”

The announcement comes at a time of rising tensions between the social networking giant and regulators in the United States and Europe over concerns that the merger could undermine anti-piracy laws and put at risk the company’s business.

The proposed deal comes after the US Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a civil lawsuit against Twitter in April over a series of alleged copyright violations.

The US Department’s lawsuit alleges that the social network was facilitating the sale of illegal files on its servers and encouraging users to download copyrighted material.

Twitter has defended its practices, arguing that the company is a “public good” and has a “long history of enforcing the law”.

In the statement released on Thursday, the company said it “strongly disagrees” with the allegations.

“We have never facilitated or authorized the downloading of copyrighted material and will vigorously defend our position against any claims or actions from our customers,” it added.

The news comes after a group of US tech companies, including Facebook, Google and Twitter, sent a letter to the US Congress urging them to oppose the merger, calling it “a massive threat to Internet freedom and privacy”.

The letter was signed by more than 100 US tech firms, including LinkedIn, Pinterest, Netflix, PayPal and eBay.

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