Amazon has a new feature for Alexa that lets you set the device to automatically download a new book on demand and play a playlist while you’re watching Netflix or watching a movie.

But how do you use this new feature to get the latest book in your Netflix queue, without having to go into the Amazon Alexa app?

The Alexa team is working on a fix, but you may need to wait a few days for it to be ready.

The feature is a little-used feature that lets Alexa perform tasks for you using the web browser.

When you start to use the feature, Alexa will send you an email with instructions on how to set it up.

To use the new feature, you’ll need to navigate to the Settings app, then select “Settings” and “Customize” from the pop-up menu.

From there, you can set up the Amazon app to let you automatically download books when you get them.

Once you do, Alexa asks if you want to download the book automatically or set the book to play while you are watching it.

The Amazon app is the only place that you’ll see the new book option, but there’s a new page in the Amazon Dashboard that shows you when you’re in a specific area of the home, or if you’re using an Amazon Echo.

To enable the feature to work, you just need to enter a password for the Amazon account you want Alexa to connect to.

Here’s how: Go to the Amazon Web Services Dashboard.

Click on the “Settings App” menu item.

Click “Customizing Settings” in the pop up menu.

Scroll down to “Amazon Alexa Settings.”

Scroll down again and click “Enable Automatic Download and Play.”

Once you’re done setting this up, go back to the Dashboard and check the “Automatically Download and Set Up New Book” box.

That should be the most convenient way to get books automatically downloaded to your device when you go to the movies, Netflix, or YouTube app.

Once the book is downloaded, Amazon’s Alexa app will appear in the bottom left corner of your home.

If the app doesn’t appear, check the location of the app.

If you’re not in the Netflix app or the YouTube app, go to Amazon Dashboards Settings > “Amazon Home” and scroll down until you see the “Amazon Dashboard” section.

Here, you should see a new “Amazon App” icon.

To launch the Amazon App, tap on it.

If Alexa hasn’t connected to your Amazon account, you will need to do this manually by visiting the Amazon web site.

You’ll see a pop-over that shows a link to sign up for an account.

From here, you need to sign in and follow the instructions to get started.

When the Amazon apps is up and running, the book you selected will automatically be downloaded to the device.

Once your book is on the device, you might have to go to Settings > General to get it back to your account.

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