The average time it takes to buy tickets for a London Underground train is 2 hours, 24 minutes.

The average London Underground fare is £1.50.

If you buy a £1 ticket, you can expect to spend just over an hour, which is well below the average time for a ticket to an adult train.

The £2 ticket costs just over 20 minutes and the £3 ticket takes less than four minutes.

However, if you buy the adult train, you will have to wait an average of four hours to get on and off the train.

How much do I have to pay for a Tube ticket?

The maximum fare for a tube train in London is £2.50, which covers two-hour journeys on the tube from Waterloo station to Heathrow Airport.

This is the maximum fare that can be charged at the moment for a single trip.

If your journey involves more than two-hours, you might have to buy more than one ticket.

How many tickets can I buy for a journey?

London Underground has introduced a new fare policy which allows passengers to buy unlimited tickets for journeys between London, Waterloo, Waterloo station and London’s central business district, which means you can buy tickets to both the tube and London to Heathfield.

You can buy unlimited fares for a maximum of 24 hours.

The rules for buying unlimited tickets vary according to the journey you are planning and the number of passengers you have on the journey.

There are no limits on the number you can purchase for one journey.

If the journey is shorter than 24 hours, you have to book an extra one hour or pay the same fare.

How do I buy my first Tube ticket online?

Tube ticket buying is easy and quick.

Simply enter your details and then click on “Buy Now” button to take you to the online booking form.

The Tube will take care of the rest.

If I buy a Tube Ticket online, what happens if I can’t buy a train ticket?

If you need to buy your first Tube Ticket, you must be registered to a debit or credit card with your London Underground Card Scheme (LUCAS).

You can use your LUCAS to buy any tube train ticket you want, even if you are not a member of a LUCAs Travellers’ Union.

If it’s not possible to buy the ticket online, you may have to arrange a call to your LUKA agent to buy one.

If a Tube Station ticket is sold for more than the £2 fare, the Ticket Agents’ Council will refund the difference.

If there is a dispute, we will investigate.

What happens if a Tube is delayed?

Tube delays are a common occurrence during Tube journeys and can result in tickets being cancelled.

We will work to keep your Tube ticket, as well as any tickets you buy, safe and secure.

Tube delays can happen when: a Tube train is stopped because of a fire; a Tube service is delayed for more a few hours because of severe weather conditions; an emergency vehicle arrives at a Tube station that is too busy to run safely; a train arrives at an intersection that is not visible to the public; an underground carpark is filled with people, vehicles or other items; or an obstruction in the network occurs.

Where do Tube trains go?

There are two main routes for Tube trains in London.

The Victoria Line runs from London Bridge to Waterloo and then to Heathland.

This route runs every 30 minutes.

It connects London with the rest of the UK.

The new Southern Line runs between Waterloo and Wandsworth and runs every 45 minutes.

This line connects London and the rest, but it only goes to the south-east.

There is also the Northern Line, which runs between Southwark and Chelsea.

This runs every 35 minutes.

A tube train travels between Waterloo Station and Heathrow.

This takes about 45 minutes to travel.

The last Tube train that crosses Waterloo Station is the Piccadilly Line.

This carries passengers from Waterloo to Westminster and back.

The Piccandilly Line is not connected to the Tube.

How often do Tube services change?

Tube services between London and Heathfield are regularly replaced by Tube services in the City of London.

If one service is cancelled, the other is replaced.

If both services are cancelled, then the remaining Tube trains will follow.

How to buy Tube tickets online The easiest way to buy Underground tickets is by clicking on the ticket button at the top of the Tube timetable and then selecting “Buy now”.

You will be taken to a shopping cart.

You will then be asked to select a date and time and then a confirmation number will be displayed.

Once you have entered the correct ticket information, you are taken to the checkout page.

Once the payment has been made, you should see a confirmation box appear.

If any of the items in the confirmation box has already been purchased, you cannot purchase a ticket until the payment is complete.

When can I book a Tube to London ticket?

You can book

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