Spooky tickets are everywhere, and the spooky is all around.

Here are some of the scammers who are using them to lure unsuspecting victims into the dark, dark places of scamming.

Spooky tickets. 

For example, here’s a scam in which the scammed victim will receive a spooktacular text message, followed by an email to the address she entered in the website’s registration form.

When the victim opens the email, she’ll find that it is actually a message from a company called Spooky Tickets, which promises a ticket to a haunted attraction, a “spectacular party” and a “tour de force” for her. 

Spooky Tickets is based in Toronto and was formed in late 2015 by former Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders and his wife, Sarah.

The couple said they were inspired to form the company after attending an exhibition at the Toronto Film Festival that was sponsored by the Toronto Public Library. 

This spooky email offers a ticket for the Haunted Train in the haunted train. 

The Spooky Ticket website boasts: “With our spooky tickets you will be able to enjoy the haunted atmosphere of one of our attractions with your friends and family.”

The site also promises to provide you with “the best in spooky entertainment, from horror films and music to special events.” 

In reality, the company claims that its spooky tours have been booked for “over 150” haunted attractions, including the Canadian Horror Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival and the Toronto Zombie Film Festival. 

There are a couple of problems with this spooky offer.

First, the Haunted train in the spookiest haunted attraction on the planet is not in fact haunted. 

“The Haunted Train is not haunted.

It’s a movie theater.

There’s no ghost that haunts it,” the website says. 

Second, the spooks claim to have “one of the most exciting haunted attractions in the world,” and that you can book tickets to see it in its entirety. 

Unfortunately, the website is unable to provide any actual dates, or specific dates to attend.

It also appears to have no way to track which attractions are on sale at the time of the email. 

A few other scammers have also targeted vulnerable customers with the promise of spooky offers. 

In late 2017, a Toronto man, named Michael Hennen, received a fake email from SpookyTickets that promised him a ticket into “a magical and creepy attraction” that he’d be able “meet the star of the film” as part of a “spooky event.” 

A man named Michael F. from Ontario was also scammed by a similar scam. 

On March 12, 2018, a woman called Karol said she was “very excited” to visit the Haunted Forest.

She entered her name and email address in the form of a ticket request form, and was promised a ticket by the company for the attraction, the Niagara Falls Haunted Forest, that she was looking forward to seeing. 

But the website was unable to tell Karol whether the attraction was haunted, or whether she was supposed to attend as part a “movie.” 

Karol was also duped by a man named Kevin F. who told her he had an offer to go to the Niagara River Haunted Mansion.

The woman, Karol, was shocked to find out that she had been scammed. 

Kevin F. offered to pay $30,000 for the tickets to the Haunted River Haunted Man, who would then be able meet the star as part the film. 

Karag said that she believed the scam because she’d never been to the haunted attraction. 

After she contacted the Niagara Valley Police Department, police told her they would be contacting the SpookyTicket company. 

When Karol contacted Spooky Tickets, she received an email saying that police would be following up on her claim. 

Karolk was also able to find a recording of a person claiming to be the man who claimed to be Kevin F., saying that he had promised Karol tickets for the Niagara Waterfront Haunted Mansion, and that the scammer promised Karolk the money to attend the haunted amusement park. 

Police said they are looking into the scam.

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